Here in Dublin

This is Patrice, waving hello from our “splurge” hotel right by ChristChurch Cathedral in the center of Dublin.  The bells have been ringing for hours, and we understand that Friday evening is sometimes the time for practice … it’s quite a’pealing!

We’re off to dinner soon, but I just wanted to add some quick impressions of what we’ve experienced since our VERY early Monday morning arrival:

  1. Leaving everything is freeing, exciting, and a bit disorienting.
  2. We have to pace ourselves.  Flying overnight, the time change, walking everywhere, an unfamiliar bed and everything else… leads to fatigue.
  3. It’s great fun to do new things and meet new people.
  4. Getting used to the idea that we have months and months to do whatever we want, enough money saved to do it, and that no one is going to tell us what our agenda should be is kind of mind-boggling.  What do you choose to do when you can do whatever you want?
  5. We’re having a grand time already, but it very much resembles what I used to joke about when my parents traveled–we called theirs “walk and eat” vacations.  Well, that’s what we’re having!
  6. Despite feeling that we have enough cash for the nine-month journey, we’re writing down every penny (or, in this case, Euro) so that we can keep track of it.  We’re going to tell you what we spend to give you an idea of what it actually costs to go around the world.

Look for a “What does it cost?” page, a “Where do you stay” page, and a link to both books by Patrice and musical events for the two of us as we grow this site.  If you have suggestions for where we could sing, be in touch!

The plan is to visit Ireland, Scotland, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Italy, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, and Tahiti, with a zip back to California before spending three months in Hawaii…



11 Replies to “Here in Dublin”

    1. I don’t think they will be on the itinerary this time, Wendy. Sorry we can’t go everywhere! But this won’t be our last trip…

  1. Very interested in following your adventure! I’m a FB friend of Ruth Bavetta’s and I live in New Zealand……..look me up when you get here!😊👍

  2. I’m so jealous! It sounds wonderful. I have a great recommendation for Bruges on my own Travel for Fun page on my website. Don’t miss Bruges. It’s magical. (and anywhere in Ireland except the North) I can’t wait to read your experiences(and steal recommendations from you). As the irish say, Slan abhale!

    1. Hi Eileen:

      I definitely want to get to Bruges, which is one of the places I skipped decades ago when I was a student in Europe. Can’t remember where I went instead… but I’ve always wanted to get there.

  3. I am boggled by the fact that you have no home to return to – I’m always so happy to be back from our trips. We’ll miss you at the Copp although we hardly ever see you there. Have a ball!

  4. Sounds awesome already! I always think I’m going to land someplace and immediately start seeing the sights, but I forget how disorienting traveling can be. I wish I had months to do it in!

    1. Yes… we’re just starting the second week, and we are still getting our “travel legs.” Of course, we gave ourselves a big disorienting whammy by also getting rid of the house and most of our possessions before leaving. Plus, Richard retired the month before we started this journey, and nearly every moment thereafter was spent dealing with the house. So we are pretty darn turned around!

  5. Hello all! I’m typing a comment here to figure out whether or not I’m still logged in as Frumious (Bandersnatch family, natch)… because I want to be Patrice.

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